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6 Week Body Transformation

The 6 Week Body Transformation is a nutrition and training programme designed to help you on a journey to achieve your goals. This programme is designed for those who are struggling on a daily basis with diet/training.

The Diet bible that’s used to incorporate a healthy balanced diet with a 3-4 day training schedule will get you amazing results!

In the 6 Week Transformation I go through what foods to eat and when to eat them. For example, the different amounts you should be eating depending on if you have a training day or a non training day….

Sound scary?

It’s not, trust me, it’s just getting yourself out of old habits and introducing new habits…. healthier habits!

What’s included in the programme?

  • Unlimited Classes
  • The Diet Bible including tailored Nutritional Plan
  • Before & After Measurements and Photos

Price: €149

**All packages are non refundable**

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